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Published on June 1st, 2012 | by Charlie Truong


Men in Black 3 (2 1/2 Stars)

Men in Black 3 was better than I actually expected.  It’s been a while since the last film, and third installments in a series are not always going to be Return of the King caliber. 

This film finds Will Smith’s character, Agent J, traveling back in time to save Agent K’s younger self from being killed by an enemy with a grudge.  Tommy Lee Jones reprises his role as Agent K, but Josh Brolin also joins the cast as Agent K in the past. 

It’s good to see Will Smith back in movies.  To me, he’s one of the few true stars where I would just go to see a film for the sake of seeing him in it.  Even when he is just essentially playing himself in Men in Black, it’s just fun to still watch his performance.  It is unfortunate that Tommy Lee Jones does not have much of a role with Brolin taking up the majority of the screen time as Agent K.  Brolin does a great job though portraying a younger Agent K even being able to mimic Jones’s voice. 

The Men in Black movies are better known for their special effects, and there’s plenty to be had here.  My issue with the effects though were that they were not that much different than what was done in previous movies.  There was nothing innovative about them.  Sure, the CG characters probably have more pixels than the previous films, yet the designs are just generic.  I was surprised to learn the film’s budget was nearly $215 million.  While some of the scenes look great, overall I just did not see the money on the screen.

The plot also did not seem worthy of being a feature film.  It was a good one and well done.  Yet it seemed like something that belonged on an episode of a sci-fi television show.  If you’re going to be given a mega budget and have an outlandish premise for a movie, I think the plot and action also needs to be taken up a level.  Actually, I recall a few story lines from the old Men in Black Saturday morning cartoon show that would have been good to use.  How about using the cartoon’s premise of a power hungry, rogue MIB agent named Alpha who grafted alien parts to his body?

I may be sounding overly negative on MIB 3.  It’s a good movie that I enjoyed and recommend others watch it.  The premise has so much promise that I wish they would have done more with it than it did.

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