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Published on June 10th, 2012 | by Charlie Truong


Expectations: Prometheus

Can Ridley Scott revive the Alien franchise after the last few Alien vs Predator movies?  The trailer looks gorgeous with fantastic cinematography and excellent special effects design.  The preview suggests an ambitious science fiction story, where our protagonists go on a quest for mankind’s origin.  Rather than looking within, they search beyond the stars.

This theme has been explored in many science fiction stories and films already, and I am not sure Ridley Scott will bring anything new.  As a director, I think he will make a beautiful movie and portray interesting characters.  I wonder how long until the movie falls into what will inevitably be standard horror movie fare.  The first few Aliens movies were excellent for their time and still hold up well.

With so many stories and films and even video games inspired by them though, I fear this latest movie will be unable to be innovative.

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